The Refuge Center is committed to educating the community we serve

Knowledge is power.  The power to change your life and chart your own course. So whether you are becoming a first time/new parent needing some help, or you want to reach that goal of a GED, we have the classes for you. 

Educational Opportunities

 Motherhood is an "Earn While You Learn" class.This class focuses on the care and support of your child during pregnancy to 6 months of age. Register Here>>

 Fatherhood is an "Earn While You Learn" mentoring program. This program focuses on the role of the father in today's family. This curriculum features a one on one approach, designed to promote successful fatherhood. We want instill confidence by encouraging the skills to succeed. This program is open to expectant fathers and existing fathers with children of any age. Register Here>>

Positive Parenting is a class presented by Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale, designed to support young families with children ages 1-5 years old. The goal of this program is to learn solutions for many common issues faced by today's parents. This class meets here at the Refuge Center. Register Here>>

GED Tutoring help 
GED Program
-Open to the general public. Anyone seeking to further their life goals by obtaining the High School equivalent diploma is eligible for these classes. Our education tutors will work with you in a small classroom setting and assist you in becoming test ready. Scholarships for Books and Testing are available. Register for Orientation here>>